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How to sell more digital products with Kajabi Ghost Offers: tips to sell your products online without paying more money

If you want to sell more digital products on Kajabi without having to bump up to the next plan, then this post is for you! I absolutely love Kajabi and am so happy that I sell my digital products using their platform. Over the years, I’ve learned a few ways to make the most of […]

Why I switched from ConvertKit to Kajabi for email marketing as a small business owner who sells digital products online

After four years of being a diehard ConvertKit fan, I made the decision to move our email marketing list from ConvertKit over to Kajabi. Today, I’m going to break down the top five reasons that we made the decision to switch from ConvertKit to Kajabi, as well as what I think about Kajabi’s email marketing […]

Why I use Kajabi to run my 6-figure digital product business

I’ve been a creator with Kajabi since I launched my first major course in 2019. As someone who has been in business for over 10 years, I have seen the backend of many course and content platforms on the market. I didn’t blink an eye when deciding what platform I wanted to invest in since […]

How to design a mockup in perspective in photoshop, graphic design tips, social media graphics, branding, sc stockshop

Recently, I shared a blog post on how to design a scrolling computer screen graphic and a lot of people got really excited about it. Including me! When AnnaKate showed me how to create the scrolling effect on a computer screen mock-up I FLIPPED out with excitement. Today, I want to share with you a […]

Creative at Heart Conference, showit website design, showit template, showit website template, showit 5, opt-in design, newsletter pop-up design, interact quiz, home page design, stock image, sc stockshop, megan martin creative

Today I am SO excited to share a tutorial I’ve been asked for a ton of times: How to make a scrolling website graphic in Photoshop! These little animated graphics are great for showing off your latest website launch, a new offering, a social media platform you want to promote, and more. The sky is […]

Find out how well your website converts with our fun quiz! Website design, conversion, copywriting, creative entrepreneur, Megan Martin Creative, showit

If you know about my entrepreneurial journey, you might remember that I really began ramping up my email marketing strategy in the beginning of 2017. My business was in a full transition from a service-based model to a passive product-based model at the time and I was just getting serious about growing an email list. […]

how to make a clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator on Megan Martin Creative, SC Stockshop, styled stock photography, branding, how to overlay an image onto a screen, tips for bloggers, brand photography

One of my favorite graphics to make for my online marketing efforts combines imagery and screenshots of what I am up to. Over the past couple year, styled stock photography has emerged in the creative industries and it has been HUGE is helping me grow my brand with stunning quality images. My sweet friend, Shay […]

How to save your PDFs for perfect viewing across every device, pdf for apple iphone, brand, branding, brand design, creative entrepreneur, Megan Martin Creative

Let me ask you a question: If you have an iPhone (or iPad), have you ever downloaded and opened a PDF only to be met with an alarming neon assault on your eyes? You think either the person who designed must be stuck in the days of the 80’s, or something is clearly NOT right. I see this […]

How to Make a Faux Gold Foil Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Welcome to another round of Bar Cart Branding! Today I am going to teach you one of my favorite little graphic design tips: How to Make a Faux Gold Foil Effect in Adobe Illustrator! I use this handy tip just about every time I design something for my business. Social media graphics? Check! Printables? Check! […]