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Megan Martin in her office at home

In 2019, I spoke at Round 9 of Creative at Heart Conference. Thankfully my keynote session was on Day 1 so I only had to endure the CRAZY stage nerves for a few hours and then I had the pleasure of listening in to the many educators that graced the stage, breakout sessions, and panel […]

In January of 2019, Jeremy officially left corporate America and has been working with me from home ever since. Since then, my Insta DM’s have been filled with questions about how we make our schedule work with kids, and life, and all the business things that need to get done. I figured it would be […]

Is it really September 5th? Wow. I’m sitting here 8 months and 5 days into 2019 and honestly blown away when I think about what has happened in my business, in our lives, and for our good in such a short amount of time. Ironically, I’m it has taken 8 months into my 8th year […]

how to navigate transitions in your business on Megan Martin Creative

With the New Year well underway, I wanted to chat with you today about my own personal journey in business over the last year and a half. In that time, my business has COMPLETELY changed. I’m running an entirely different business model than I was in 2015. Throughout most of the beginning of 2017, I […]

the shrewd truth to making smart decisions in business, how to grow your creative business, how to beat overwhelm in business on Megan Martin Creative

Usually, I like to keep it light and around these parts, but every once in awhile we just have to get real. Am I right? Well, when it comes to making smart decisions for your business there is just no way around getting to the brass tacks. I could sugar coat you with sweet words, […]

Finding your niche on Megan Martin Creative, Why you shouldn't put all your business eggs in one basket, sc stockshop, business strategy

I can feel it now… I am about to make a lot of stay in your one lane niche preaching teachers shocked! I have been thinking a lot about the “Niche” conversation within the creative industry. Here is how the Finding Your Niche talk goes: Find what you are really good at and work really […]

6 Lessons Chick Fil A Taught me About Business and being a Creative Entrepreneur on Megan Martin Creative

If you’ve met me, you might know about this little habit I can’t seem (nor want!) to shake: Chick Fil A. Specifically chicken minis. If I am in my car before 10:30 am and I happen to be in close proximity to a Chick Fil A, I am magnetically drawn to it. And by close, […]

The Every Mom's Guide to the 30 Minute Hustle! Whip Your Home into Shape, Let go of perfection, & have a laugh!

It’s 4:30pm. You and your kids haven’t left your house all day. Naturally, the place looks like a tornado hit, you haven’t brushed your teeth, you’re still in the same shirt you were wearing yesterday (because sleeping in the same shirt you wore for the day is a total reality!), and your kids are covered […]

My motivating factor as a small creative business owner, creative entrepreneur, money mindset

For the past year, I have been struggling to truly step into the role of educator in the creative industry because I don’t feel like I fit the mold. To be completely honest, I have felt like an imposter. But instead of running for the hills, my sweet mastermind group has been encouraging me to […]