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How to choose the perfect digital product to create and sell to earn passive profit in your business

Looking to create passive income in your business? Welcome to the world of digital products! If you’re wondering just what is a digital product… let’s break it down! What is a digital product? A digital product is anything you can create and sell on the internet-webs that doesn’t include 1:1 project time (service-based), *inventory + […]

Finding your niche on Megan Martin Creative, Why you shouldn't put all your business eggs in one basket, sc stockshop, business strategy

I can feel it now… I am about to make a lot of stay in your one lane niche preaching teachers shocked! I have been thinking a lot about the “Niche” conversation within the creative industry. Here is how the Finding Your Niche talk goes: Find what you are really good at and work really […]

When it comes to Client Experience, one of the most crucial and quick steps you can take to up your professionalism in client communication: creating a professional name@yourdomain.com (or .net/.org/.co you get the picture!) email address that you can use straight from your personal inbox by setting up an alias. I use Gmail and love […]