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How to grow your email list and get 1,000 subscribers fast as a digital product based business shared by Megan Martin

Let me guess: you’ve heard the line that you need an email list to grow a profitable digital product business. I have to tell you… it’s not a line. It’s the truth! Today, I want to show you a simple and effective way to grow your email list and get your first 1,000 email subscribers […]

How to create your first email sales funnel on Kajabi, a walkthrough from digital marketing expert Megan Martin, for small business owners

If you’re going to automate your income, then you need to have an email sales funnel! That’s why today, I want to walk you through how to build your first email sales funnel on Kajabi. Kajabi makes it easy to create an automated funnel from your opt-in to conversion with beautiful templates and a simple […]

Creating gorgeous emails on Kajabi: a tutorial of how to design emails without ever touching code from digital business owner Megan Martin

If you want to send beautiful emails, run an automatic and efficient digital product business, and never (ever!) want to look at a line of coding, this post is for you! Today, we’re going to talk about how to style a beautiful Kajabi email without ever looking at a line of code. I’m going to […]

Love Everybody Tee by Megan Martin Creative

I’m just gonna cut straight to the case: running a small business is NO JOKE, especially if you are still going at it as a solo entrepreneur (or even if you have. VA to help with a few tasks here and there). You wear all the hats. CEO, product creator, marketer, copywriter, planner, strategist, social […]

Resources Page Design, Showit 5, Anatomy of a valuable Resources Page on Megan Martin Creative, what to include in a resources page, client experience, resource library, creative website, website design, brand, branding, brand design

Including a Resources Page in your website design has become a huge trend, especially in the creative industry. And for good reason! A Resources Page is a fantastic way to provide value for your online tribe and helps establish the like, know, trust factor that is paramount to connecting with potential customers. Why should I […]

5 Takeaways from TikTok you can apply to your biz + marketing (no dancing required)

Oh TikTok. You’re so controversial. I’m not about to act like I’m a TikTok expert… I’m def not. I have a username and that is about it. But I’m a TikTok “consumer.” Or was… who knows if TikTok will go away. That’s not what I wanna chat about…. I can’t teach you how to rise […]

Each and every service or product you sell is individually made up of two important things: Features and Benefits. And you need to clearly have a grip on each for every single thing you sell. In case you don’t fully understand what the difference of benefits vs features is or you need a reminder, I […]

A common mistake business owners make when they first start out and in the building phase is trying to be all things to all people. It makes perfect sense. When you are trying to ramp up your business and make the entrepreneur dream happen, it is only natural to try to do whatever you can […]

Sales Funnel Puzzle Workbook

Sales funnels don’t come in a one size fits all template. The exact pieces of your sales funnel puzzle will be determined by your unique offerings, pricing, and preferences in selling. Love live video? You might want to consider a webinar or social challenge-based funnel. Prefer pre-recorded? You could try a video series based funnel. […]