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How to create your first email sales funnel on Kajabi

Megan Martin


If you’re going to automate your income, then you need to have an email sales funnel! That’s why today, I want to walk you through how to build your first email sales funnel on Kajabi. Kajabi makes it easy to create an automated funnel from your opt-in to conversion with beautiful templates and a simple process.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is simply an automated system to present a new email subscriber with a product that you have to help solve their problems or fulfill a need they have in their life.

To start your sales funnel, you’ll need to create an opt-in that is tightly aligned with the content and concept of the digital product you want to sell. I have my opt-in page through ShowIt but you can do it all through Kajabi if you want to! You can style your opt-in box and add it to your site easily. 

After you’ve set up your opt-in in Kajabi, you’ll start adjusting the settings. The first one is whether or not they get a thank you page. I always do a custom thank you page for my opt-ins. On this page, the new subscriber is told to go to their inbox for what they signed up for. This helps train my students that important things from me will be in their inbox moving forward. It helps them know to click and open my emails (which is great!). On the same settings page in Kajabi, you can also decide on whether or not you’ll do a double or single opt-in. A double opt-in means you’re going to send them an email after completing the form and they have to click a link in that email to confirm their subscription. A single opt in is simply once somebody fills out a form that is confirming their subscription to your email marketing software, it’s up to you what you choose. 

Start Building Your Sales Funnel

Now, you start building your sales funnel. The first thing I like to do is add a couple of tags when someone signs up for a new opt-in. Whenever someone subscribes to a form of mine, I add them to my newsletter. I also add a tag based on whatever opt-in they chose. For example, if they downloaded a freebie about digital products, I add a tag that says “digital products”. So, in the future when I release content or products around that topic, I can target those people specifically interested. I also create a tag that notes the entry point that they came in from. This allows me to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Once the form is submitted, you’ll also see that they’re subscribed to an email sequence – which is where the sales funnel technically starts. 

You’re creating an automation that says once this form is submitted, I want to start the appropriate associated sequence. I create all of my emails in the email campaign section in Kajabi, so start there. 

Click “new email campaign” to get started. Every time you add an email to the sequence, you’ll be able to determine when it’s sent out along with the content. I personally don’t use any code when designing emails in Kajabi, I just use their drop and drag features. You can see more tips to build beautiful emails in Kajabi HERE. When I design an email I really like, I always make sure I save it as a template so that in the future, I can use that formatting for another email. It makes this process much faster! 

What’s included in an email sequence?

Email sequences may vary product to product and business to business. But, there’s a few emails you should include. The first will be delivering your opt-in. This goes out on “day zero” – basically immediately upon signing up, someone should receive this email. After that, you’ll write another 4-5 emails leading into the product that you have to offer. The first two might have your opt-in and a tip or two, after that you can move into introducing the product and pitching it. I set my emails to go out daily over the course of this sequence. All of this is super easy to do in Kajabi.

I also love how easy it is to track your open rates and conversions in Kajabi. This allows you to monitor if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted or tweaked in your email sequence. Maybe you need new subject lines, or need to adjust the copy. But, by reviewing your open rates and conversations over time, you can decide on those things for yourself!

Watch the full tutorial in this week’s video!

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How to create your first email sales funnel on Kajabi, a walkthrough from digital marketing expert Megan Martin, for small business owners
How to create your first email sales funnel on Kajabi, a walkthrough from digital marketing expert Megan Martin, for small business owners
How to create your first email sales funnel on Kajabi, a walkthrough from digital marketing expert Megan Martin, for small business owners

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