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Website copy isn’t the same as other types of writing. It isn’t meant to simply entertain or inform. Website copy is all about conversion. A quick Google search brings up the definition of conversion: con·ver·sion /kənˈvərZHən/ noun The process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another. Website copy is meant […]

Sales and conversion evaluation by Megan Martin Creative - Evaluate your business with this 4-page Google Doc!

If you’ve tasted success and you know you’re onto something good you might start to wonder how you can optimize this shebang to grow it to the level of financial success you are dreaming of. It starts with a plan. When it comes to scaling, there are a lot of moving parts like Landing Pages, […]

I’m so excited to introduce you to my industry pal and copywriting genius: Jessica Jordana! I reached out to Jessica to have her share her insight on DIY website copy to help you better connect with your ideal customer and convert. I started following Jess early on in her biz. Something just drew me to […]

Are you a multi-passionate creative? Do you offer more than just one service or product? Cool. Me too! *Only have one offering? You’re not missing out, promise! The Rule of One still applies to you. You’re already on a good track, but I bet there just might be some refining you can do to deepen […]

How to nail your website page hook and lead to the sale above the fold

Hooray for new series day! Today I’m kicking off our brand new video series: The Website Conversion Lab! Think unscripted/off the cuff deep dives into my custom work and conversion brain to give you practical advice you can implement immediately to tweak (or create!) your website pages to increase sales and conversions. And today we […]

A Gated Resource Page Design

Thinking about adding a Resources Page to your website? You’re in the right spot! Before you go whipping up tons of freebies and gathering links, let’s talk about the first decision you need to make: What kind of Resources Page is right for you! In this post, we’re going to break down the 2 types […]

Today we are in for a treat! My friend and financial expert, Shanna Skidmore, is here to give us a big dose of encouragement on the numbers that really matter in business. The ones that you may never broadcast but will keep you in business for the long haul. Put your calculator and fear of […]

what I learned from hosting a black friday sale

I’m gonna be real with you: I was super nervous about our MMC Christmas Sale aka hosting a Black Friday Sale. It wasn’t the numbers or the logistics that had my stomach in knots. It was the literal selling part.   If you’ve been in the MMC Mail Club for a little while, you might remember […]

Welcome to what many think is the trickiest page of a website: The About Page. Tricky you say? Is it about you? Is it about your customer? Do you need to share your Starbucks order and 10 other favorite things? What really matters on this page? The options are dizzying. Let’s figure it out together! […]