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5 Reasons I use Kajabi to create digital products to sell online (even though it isn’t the cheapest platform)

Megan Martin


I’ve been a creator with Kajabi since I launched my first major course in 2019. As someone who has been in business for over 10 years, I have seen the backend of many course and content platforms on the market. I didn’t blink an eye when deciding what platform I wanted to invest in since Day 1 of growing my online course business… even though it is nowhere near the cheapest course platform on the market. 

Today I want to share 5 reasons why I use Kajabi to create digital products. I will always choose Kajabi above every course platform out there. So, let’s talk about why I am still happy with that decision 3 years later.

Before I jump in, I do want to say that I know no software as a service is perfect. No human is either. And since humans run online course platforms, no platform can ever be a perfect all-in-one solution.

I’ve been in the infopreneur space for over 5 years now and know a thing or two about what it takes to create digital products to sell online that scale for passive income. I pivoted from a 100% service based business in 2016 to the digital model selling templates, summits, and creating courses based on what I already knew by turning my service-based work into digital assets I could sell.

I’ve also been a student of many courses in my journey to grow a successful business. I’ve seen backend platforms that are a nightmare to get through as a consumer. Not to mention emails that are meant to be “pretty” look like a garbled mess of code gone wrong in my inbox.

Just because something looks nice or is priced nice on the outside doesn’t mean it is worth your time or your investment.

I know I pay more for Kajabi than other digital product creators pay for their platforms. I’ve seen their platforms. I’ve gone through their checkout processes as an actual customer. Here’s the top 5 main reasons I’m gladly willing to pay sometimes over $100 more per month than the online course platform competitors.

1 – Kajabi makes getting your digital product business up and running easy and FAST

You can start at ground 0 with no website, no product, and no email list. From there, you can quickly get things up and running using the entire Kajabi platform.

Kajabi offers an impressive all-in-one business building solution with pre-made templates for every touchpoint of your online business. You can:

  • Design your website on Kajabi.
  • Build your sales pages on Kajabi.
  • Create opt-in landing pages on Kajabi. 
  • Grow your email list on Kajabi.
  • Create all sorts of sales funnels on Kajabi from webinar funnels to challenge funnels to email sequence funnels and more.
  • House your digital products like downloads, templates, online courses, recorded workshops, and memberships in Kajabi.
  • Sell your digital products on Kajabi. 
  • Run your 1:1 coaching services through Kajabi.
  • Create an affiliate program on Kajabi.

You can do SO MUCH on Kajabi. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And while all-in-one platforms can often mean that each feature won’t be fully tricked out, the truth is that you don’t need to over complicate your online business for it to be successful. In fact the more I simplify our processes, tools, and systems, the more we’ve earned. 

I’ve been in the digital business since 2016 and I know what it is like to have a system linked together by a bunch of different tools. It is so difficult to keep up with all the different platforms I use to ensure that everything is working together. 5 years in digital business later and I’m now doing the work to move as much as I can into Kajabi to retroactively build a simplified yet powerful system. 

If I could start my business over again today, I’d build it in one spot. And that spot is Kajabi.

2 – Kajabi has a TON of automation flexibility

When you first get into Kajabi, it might feel a little bizarre. The back-end process isn’t exactly a logical step-by-step system.

At first I didn’t like that. But every time I realized that is one of the BEST features of Kajabi. There is a TON of flexibility in creating a web of content and funnels that work together to put the right offers in front of the right people.

Have you heard of the Golden Rule of Marketing?

It goes like this:

“Marketing is about sharing the right product with the right person at the right time.”

Automation based on consumer activity is THE way to make that happen.

Kajabi has an incredibly powerful automation system that allows you complete freedom and control over how your content is delivered and when. You can create automations for almost everything.

You can trigger all sorts of events like adding tags, removing tags, granting product access, removing product access, subscribing to an email sequence, removing someone from an email sequence, and SO much more at every touch point in the Kajabi interface. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of how automation works, you can literally scale your online course business to the moon with the power of Kajabi.

Aka make money in your sleep. It’s real nice. 

3 – You can create BEAUTIFUL emails with Kajabi

I know. I know. The internet gurus are gonna come at me because I don’t send plain text emails. Honestly I don’t really care. I’m in the creative entrepreneur space and my people love a pretty email. 

I’ve sent the plain text emails and the difference in open rates, click rates, and deliverability are SO miniscule that I’m not convinced your plain text argument is valid. 

I digress.

This one’s for you if you want to send beautiful emails. There’s a big competitor in town. Their name is Flodesk. I’ve been in their backend system, too. While I think Flodesk serves a purpose for helping certain creatives in the service-based and physical product industries create beautiful emails, I strongly advise digital product creators to look elsewhere as creating a seamless automated experience isn’t possible without the help of setting up 3rd party triggers with Zapier. I’m highly cautious anytime I have to use a 3rd party to make a software platform function. The core service that software provides better be worth it.

While Flodesk has great flexibility in design, I’m not willing to risk the automation of my business breaking down because automation is how you scale when you create digital products to sell online.

We recently moved email service providers from ConvertKit to Kajabi for that very reason. Housing my digital products AND my email marketing in one online course platform cuts out an unnecessary middle man and allows me to fully tap into the magic of the Kajabi automation capabilities we just talked about. 

And not only that, but Kajabi’s email design capabilities RIVAL Flodesk in my opinion. And I’m a graphic designer. I CARE about the details. I WANT to send beautiful emails.

Kajabi’s email creator is a no-code builder that makes creating stunning emails incredibly easy and they keep rolling out upgrades to their email marketing that has made cloning and creating new emails with my signature style lightning fast. 

4 – Kajabi has a stunning user designed experience. 

I’ll never forget the first time I paid for a training as a student where the creator used Kajabi to house their online course. Something just felt different. Clean. Incredibly easy to navigate. 

As a consumer, the Kajabi interface felt like leaps and bounds ahead of any other course platform I had experienced. It made consuming the actual course content a breeze.

I’ve seen the backend of them all. I’ve been a student in Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, custom WordPress dashboards, and more. The custom WordPress courses are always the WORST experience of them all. #sorrynotsorry

I’ve yet to see a course platform that rivals the customer experience Kajabi provides. And while I preach and believe that your content doesn’t have to be perfect to be successful online, as a creator of digital products, you should actually WANT your customers to consume the info products you create.

It isn’t helpful for anyone to have a digital product that just sits on a dusty internet shelf of long forgotten online courses once purchased that they’ll never actually make it through.

I once heard the quote, “The transformation is in the transaction.

I’ve never heard words that are more untrue when it comes to the digital product industry. I’ve seen the data. People buy courses and digital products all the time, watch the first video or two, and then do absolutely nothing with the rest of the content. For months. Years even. 

And that is not helpful. It is certainly not helpful for you as a creator to spend your coveted time, energy, and resources to create a product that your students never actually use or consume. Leading to less repeat business and word of mouth referrals for you.

But even more important, it is not helpful AT ALL for your customers who purchased in the hopes of seeing the transformation you promise realized in their life.

If the platform that houses your content is a headache for your customers to use… If they don’t understand where to go to access the digital product they just purchased… The chances they won’t ever see a transformation are incredibly high.

I’d rather pay more per month for a software platform that puts a strong emphasis on user designed experience than having a cheaper option that makes moving through my course content feel like trudging through the mud as a consumer. 

5 – Kajabi is an ethical company.

I saved the most important for last. I’m on a mission to build an ethical online business. One that isn’t driven by scammy practices or gimmicks. Because just because gimmicks and psychological games can work to convert, doesn’t mean you should use them.

I want to build a business that can thrive WITHOUT the scheming.

Over the last couple years as I’ve been un-learning a lot of unethical practices in online business, I’ve also been heavily considering where I spend my money. This means both in who I hire AND in the softwares I use to run my business.

Some of Kajabi’s biggest competitors have shown their true colors as being extremely unethical companies. From racism to sexism to literally teaching their customers to go through the backend of their competitors’ sales processes to “hack” (cough copy) what they are doing, there are some serious problems in the online business world running rampant. 

Kajabi has incredibly transparent leadership.

I’ve seen the president of the company personally apologize in their Facebook group of thousands when they missed the mark in hyping up everyone on the platform with what they thought would be new features for all and instead was a pitch for an expensive new service. 

And, I’ve seen the CEO share genuine concern and honesty when downtime occurred affecting the bottom line of all of us – their trusting users. I’ve seen their leaders not only apologize, but personally work with us rectify not-so-happy customer situations.

I’ve already brought it to light, but I know no online course platform will be perfect. Kajabi is also run by humans. But from what I’ve seen in customer service and public transparency, I’m proud to support Kajabi with my business dollars and stand behind them as an ethical company. 

If you’re wondering whether the investment in Kajabi is worth it, with over multi-6 figures in digital product sales and hundreds of students later, I can confidently say I LOVE Kajabi! I hink it is a fantastic online platform to build your digital product business on. I would still make the same decision to use Kajabi to sell digital products all of these years later.

You can take a look around for yourself at everything Kajabi has to offer with a free trial right HERE.

Try Kajabi free for 14-days

See for yourself how Kajabi has everything you need to build your online business free for 30-days. 

5 Reasons I use Kajabi to create digital products to sell online
5 Reasons I use Kajabi to create digital products to sell online
5 Reasons I use Kajabi to create digital products to sell online

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