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How to Create a Quiz with Interact to Grow Your Email List

Megan Martin


If you know about my entrepreneurial journey, you might remember that I really began ramping up my email marketing strategy in the beginning of 2017. My business was in a full transition from a service-based model to a passive product-based model at the time and I was just getting serious about growing an email list. Spend all of 5.2 seconds searching on Pinterest for, “How to grow an email list,” and you’ll quickly learn about the term opt-ins. I’ve been testing all sorts of opt-ins from mini email courses to checklist downloads to free printables and more this year and most recently, I’ve implemented a brand new opt-in experience with the help of Interact: A Quiz! Today, I’m going to show you the inside scoop on how to create a quiz with Interact to grow your email list!

A friendly heads up: This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I only share about tools I truly love and think you will, too!

Just in case you are at ground zero on this whole email list thing, let’s start at the beginning. An opt-in is something valuable you offer someone in exchange for their email address.

You know when you visit West Elm’s website and that pop-up appears offering you 10% off your purchase today with a prompt to enter your email address? That’s an opt-in.

They come in all different shapes and sizes from courses to e-books, to discount codes, to video trainings and more, but no matter how they’re packaged, the whole goal is to create something your ideal customer would benefit from!

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3 Reasons to Try A Quiz

#1 They are fun and engaging!

When my friends at Interact invited me to test our their quiz building program a few months ago, I excitedly jumped at the opportunity. While you’ll find quite a few opt-in guides, checklists, worksheets, and printables floating around my blog, I have been wanting to incorporate more of a fun and engaging opt-in for my tribe and a quiz fit the bill perfectly.

I love a good quiz. Takes me straight back to my teen years a la Seventeen magazine!

Give me a “What Sandra Bullock Character Are You?” or test my vision with a “What Do You See?” and I’ll be there!

#2 They convert like crazy

But fun aside, quizzes are pretty darn powerful lead magnets (aka opt-in). Using their database of 40,000 quizzes that have been taken over 50,000,000 times, Interact found that quizzes average a 50% conversion rate for lead generation. That number may seem arbitrary, but the average email opt-in benchmark for websites is a staggering 1.95% per Sumo. So if 100 people visit your site this month, you’d get almost 2 new subscribers… if you’re average.

Now I bet that 50% conversion rate looks mighty fine! In fact, that is why Interact was created. They were seeing entire websites convert at only 1% in email lead generation until one of their clients came up with the idea for a quiz as an opt-in and the numbers blew the lid off any lead magnet they’d ever seen!

#3 They create a memorable experience

One of the hardest things about e-books, guides, mini-courses, and the like as opt-ins is that you actually have to get your subscriber to consume and implement the content in order for them to be valuable. You’d think that if someone signs up for a freebie, they’d consume it, right? You’d be surprised by how many just plain don’t.

But why does that matter? Isn’t the goal to grow your email list? Who cares if they don’t read it?!

Well, it really does matter. Yes, opt-ins help grow your email list, but having a huge email list just for the sake of having a huge email list doesn’t do much for your bottom line. The real goal is to grow an email list of leads who highly trust you and want what you have to offer.

Those freebies not only entice leads to exchange their email address but more importantly, they are created to engage your potential customers to further build trust and affinity with your business as you begin to nurture the relationship to lead to a sale. If they don’t consume your content and love it, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to pull out their wallet when it comes down to the ask.

Quizzes are inherently different. Quizzes create a memorable experience! Your leads answer questions, have a little fun, might learn a thing or two right as they are answering, and they don’t have to download anything for the result.

People remember experiences far more than facts, figures, and lessons. I’m pretty sure that’s why they convert like crazy. 😉

How to create a quiz with Interact

To be honest, I haven’t tried out different quiz builders. But I can hands down say my experience with Interact was extremely positive. The whole quiz builder is user-friendly and intuitive.

The back end is neatly organized and they take the extra step of highlighting what you need to do in the interface. Setting up the quiz was a breeze and I was able to get my entire quiz up and running in one afternoon.

My Interact Quiz Builder Review on Megan Martin Creative

Creating the concept of the quiz took a little longer!

To get started on the concept of your quiz, I’d suggest you work backwards.

Ask yourself: Is there a certain product or service offering that you want to eventually lead to? Is there a certain niche you want to establish yourself in? What do you want to be known for?

Once you figure out what the end result of the quiz should be, coming up with a quiz concept is much easier.

I’m gearing up for a new product launch this summer: Premium Showit Website Templates, so I wanted my quiz to be a lead magnet to eventually funnel to the launch. Since my value proposition for the new product line centers around websites templates that aren’t just “pretty” but are actually built to convert, I decided to create a quiz to help my tribe see how well their current website is converting!

A big pro to Interact is that they have a ton of quiz templates pre-built for you to use if you choose. You can also create a quiz from scratch (easily I promise!). I ended up starting with a template and then changed it to be my own.

Interact Quiz Builder, email marketing tips, opt-in template

Take a look at the backend of my Interact quiz, how the quiz builder works from creating questions and correlating them to results, to styling your quiz to blend with your visual brand identity, to integrating your quiz with your email client, and how to share it on your website in my walkthrough video below. I’ll be showing you how I embedded it into my Showit plus site, but even if you don’t use Showit, Interact easily walks you through how to embed it in other site builders!

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