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What Your Home Page Needs to Do in the First 5 Seconds for the Creative at Heart Blog

Megan Martin


As a brand and marketing strategist, nerding out over marketing strategies like leveraging Pinterest for your business and growing an audience organically on Instagram are kinda my thing. But I’ve realized over the past few months that the creative industry has a rather large void when it comes to understanding marketing. We love to talk over the latest and greatest social media marketing tactic to gain visibility, but rarely do I see “how to close the deal,” discussed. Yes, I’m talking about selling. Over on the Creative at Heart Blog!




Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that marketing isn’t the same thing as selling. Social media isn’t about conversion for most business owners. It is about relationship building (you know, being social 😉) and finding new leads. It is a very powerful traffic driver to your website, but once someone lands there, are you confident that your website will close the deal?


Unfortunately, our industry doesn’t talk enough about selling. 😱 It’s our little dirty word. The cheesy car salesman fear is REAL. I get it. But the whole point of marketing is to generate leads so you can convert them into purchases. We have to get comfortable and confident with selling.


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Familiar fear?


You’re not alone girlfriend.


No one wants to sound pushy or gimmicky or straight up cheesy. Eww.


But we still have to sell. It is sorta kinda how we make money.


The good news? You can learn how to sell sans used car salesman tactics. Selling isn’t something to be afraid of. It can be good. For your business. For your family. For your customers.


You can make a difference by selling what you have to offer. And you are absolutely worth it!


I love how Emma from @creativesonfire put it in reply to my recent Insta post. She said, “We HAVE to destigmatize it… ‘Sales’ is not inherently manipulative or sleazy. BAD sales is manipulative and sleazy.

Can I get a YES??!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s the thing: Your website can do the bulk of the sales work for you. 😎 No car slingin’ tactics required 🚗 But it isn’t as simple as just having a pretty website.


There is a difference between just another pretty website and a pretty website that is designed to convert. You may not realize the difference, but there is absolutely one! I’m on a mission to show you how to easily leverage the science of conversion right on your website through design and copywriting strategies that are proven to turn all that hard lead generating work (aka marketing) into dollars in the bank (aka selling).


And I’m starting right on the home page. Specifically, what your home page needs to do in the first 5 seconds a potential customer lands on it to convince them to stay.


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You won’t need a Ph.D. in psychology or a masters in website coding, pinky promise.


Read the full post on the Creative at Heart Conference Blog!


What your website needs to do in the first 5 seconds by Megan Martin Creative, featured on Creative at Heart Conference, blog, blogger, copywriting, website design, showit website, conversion

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