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The Simple Key to Creating Passive Profit

Megan Martin


When I asked members of The Digital Lab what their biggest hang-ups have been in getting started creating passive profit, the most common ones shared were things like:

  • Knowing exactly what to create first…
  • I don’t have an email list… what should I do?
  • Just feeling overwhelmed about everything that goes into it.

ow to get starting creating passive profit in your business. Turn your service into a digital product like a course, download, template, or membership for 1:many sales

I get it. I’ve been there. Right in your shoes. I pivoted from a 100% service-based business in 2016 to the digital model selling templates, summits, and creating courses. I spent month after frustrating month trying to figure it all out on my own.

Getting started feels overwhelming.

The key to creating passive profit

The KEY to creating digital revenue doesn’t include a perfect strategy, sales page, marketing map, or launch plan.

There’s absolutely something to be said about striving for excellence. And you should work to create an offer that is valuable. BUT I’ve been doing this for 4 years and the truth is the digital business model isn’t static.

It evolves right alongside the thing that drives it: technology.

👫 Customer needs evolve.

📱 Tools available evolve.

📈 Marketing trends evolve.

💻 Advertising strategy evolves.

👩 You evolve.

The digital space is different than other business models. It is fluid.

So when you approach pivoting into this space, you have to keep in mind that perfection isn’t the name of the game. You will be chasing your tail till the cows come home if you go down a rabbit hole of trying to solidify every part of the puzzle before putting your idea out there instead of ever seeing the benefit of passive profit.

The KEY? As simple as it sounds, the key to creating digital revenue is to just 👏 get 👏 started. 👏

After 4 years, I can 💯 attest that nothing you launch will stay exactly the same (or go exactly as planned).

  • My products have evolved as I’ve better gotten to know my customers and what they need.
  • My sales pages have changed as I’ve learned new conversion strategies.
  • My sales funnel systems have changed as I’ve dived deeper into tech, tools, and techniques.
  • And so on.

As creatives we tend to over complicate EVERYTHING.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned these past 4 years isn’t how to sell more, but rather how to simplify more.

Progress isn’t made in the big picture. Progress is made in taking steps.

Maybe you’ve had a digital product idea swirling in your head, but have you downloaded those thoughts on paper?

Map Out your Digital Product

Right here right now let’s take the first step. 👇 Get a sheet of paper and answer these questions:

  1. What do you know a lot about?
  2. What is your general digital product idea?
  3. Who would be the PERFECT person for this product? Literally, can you think of a real person you know?
  4. What are they lacking that this product would fill? What are they struggling with or dreaming of?
  5. How would they feel as a result of using your product idea?

Know what you just did? You mapped out an actual digital offer.

First step… DONE. You crushed it.

Want to make sure your digital product idea will actually sell? 

Want to make sure your digital product idea will be a success? Watch my free on-demand O.F.F.E.R Formula™ class and learn how to turn your product idea into an irresistible offer and successful digital revenue stream. Start watching here! >

Watch the free class: The Key to Success in Building Digital Revenue to start earning passive profit in your creative business.

Comment below tell me about your big idea! I would love to hear about it!

Map out your first digital product to start earning Passive profit in your business
How to get started creating passive profit so you can take back your time and make money on auto-pilot
The simple key to creating passive profit in your business

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