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First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes homeownership. Then you’re ready to buy a different house. When you buy a new house you should definitely sell the house you’re in, right? Maybe. Maybe not. If you’re here, you know we didn’t go that route. We took a risk and held onto our first home […]

Our First Home! How we got started in real estate investing

I remember those 72 hours at the tail end of our first year of marriage like they were yesterday. While Jeremy was at his 9-5 selling mortgages to high profile clients, I hunkered down in our one bedroom condo rental to find our first house on the MLS. For 72 hours, I lived and breathed […]

One of the biggest objections we hear when it comes to investing in real estate is a simple yet scary word: Debt. We get it. It is scary. Especially when we live in a time where debt is a little four letter word we don’t want to associate ourselves with. But we’ve got a different […]