How We Got Started in Real Estate Investing | Episode 1 - Jeremy and Megan | Passive Profit Education on Real Estate Investing and Digital Products

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How We Got Started in Real Estate Investing | Episode 1

Megan Martin


I remember those 72 hours at the tail end of our first year of marriage like they were yesterday. While Jeremy was at his 9-5 selling mortgages to high profile clients, I hunkered down in our one bedroom condo rental to find our first house on the MLS. For 72 hours, I lived and breathed hitting the refresh button hoping that I could find an affordable option. This is our story of how we got started in real estate investing!

Watch Episode 1 to get a glimpse of what life was like purchasing our first home even when money was tight, how we made it work financially (the untraditional risk!), why we DIY’ed it all (but don’t necessarily advise you do it ha!), and the biggest takeaway we learned from house number 1!

Here are a few photos from our very first home! We DIY’ed every inch of this house from tearing down walls, renovating the entire kitchen, cutting and laying new tile, and making our first house a home! Let’s just say we won’t ever do it that way again, ha!

How we got started in real estate investing even when money was tight!

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