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Alt Summit, Joanna Gaines, Creative Conference, speaking, palm springs, website design, creative entrepreneur, blogger tips

Ahh, back again. I hit the work ground running this week after a relaxing and refreshing 2 weeks of minimal work (and an entire week off Insta!). We enjoyed spring break with our babies and last week I jet-setted off to Palm Springs, California to speak at Alt Summit.   I had been eyeing Alt Summit […]

I am so thrilled today to have one of my dear creative industry pals on the blog! Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten to know Attorney for Creatives, Christina Scalera, and have turned to her contract templates numerous times for my own business to feel confident that all my legal ducks are in a […]

how to turn your blog posts into video

If you’ve had a pulse in the last 4 months, you’ve probably heard a little buzz around the marketing tip world: video, Video, VIDEO! Everyone on the planet is trying to convince you to. get. on. video. But what if you are Grade A terrified? Girl, I get it. Almost everytime I go live on […]

how to take better images for your blog and business with an entry-level DSLR on Megan Martin Creative, Bloom Theory Camera Bag

I’ve been studying and implementing branding strategies for quite a long time now. Over the years I’ve learned something: No matter how perfectly polished your graphic design elements are for your brand (logo, patterns, fonts, marks, etc.), if you leave out imagery, you are missing the mark. You can have the prettiest graphically designed brand […]

my blogging toolkit on Megan Martin Creative, best tools for blogging

Last week I walked you through step by step how I format each and every blog post in WordPress. Whew, that was fun! Today, I want to build on that effort and show you how I really bring my blog posts to life from start to finish with my go-to toolkit for making the blogging […]

how to format a blog post in wordpress on Megan Martin Creative, blogger, blogging, how to optimize your post for seo

Many of the creative friends I chat with online all say the same thing: “I know I need to be blogging more, but trying to use WordPress makes me want to pull my hair out!” Girrrrrl I know it can be frustrating to deal with programs you don’t fully understand, but let’s just kick that […]

learn why defining a main goal for your website is important in the design process on Megan Martin Creative, Lauren Carnes Photography, website copywriting tips

Last week I talked to you about why I made the switch to Showit 5 for my website design, and this week I want to share with you a very important lesson about web design. And it may come as a bit of a shock since it isn’t about the actual “look” of your website […]

how to plan months worth of content to market your business! blog, blogging, email marketing, instagram tips, social media tips, social media schedule, pinterest tips, simplified planner, emily ley

A few weeks ago, I shared part one of my maternity leave planning journey and how getting focused was the first step to preparing for a business break. Today, I’m excited to share with you step two: How I plan months worth of content (and how you can easily, too!).   Related: Read the first […]