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Our Fourth Home Tour!

Megan Martin


Seems fitting that I would finally get around to posting our 4th home tour as soon as our brand new home design and real estate investing brand is launching! Since we are literally about to pack it up and move into house number 5! So before the boxes come out in just a few days, I’d love to invite you to Our Fourth Home Tour!

Our initial decision to move into house number 4 was all about schools for the kids and taking real steps toward the life we really wanted. In house number 3, Jeremy and I were on a very different life direction than we are these days. He was still in corporate America and I was doing the stay-at-home and side hustle biz thing. We were blazing a trail toward putting our kids in private school and going down a path of a very financially comfy life.

Most days we felt like roommates. He’d come home at the end of the day, we’d get through dinner and bedtime, and try not to make each other mad before the day was through.

It was NOT the kind of marriage and family relationship we wanted for our lives.

So Jeremy made a very big decision. He left his fancy job to work from home with me. And as much as we loved our 3rd home, we didn’t love the public schools we were zoned for enough to stay.

Instead of committing what would be well over 6 figures of money toward private school through the years for all of our children, we decided to repeat the same real estate investment process we’d done twice before. We set out to find a new home in St. Johns county for the grade A schools and rent our 3rd home out.

The moment I stepped into what we lovingly call the pink house (the exterior is a shade of pink!), I knew it was home. The light in here, y’all. The house backs up to a lake which almost acts as a constant reflector, filling the whole house with the most gorgeous natural light. Paired with my love of white walls (we use Snowbound by Sherwin-Willimas) and this place is one big ball of pretty light!

But enough introduction. Welcome in, friend!

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