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Navy Master Bedroom Progress with Framebridge

Megan Martin


If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we just moved at the beginning of January. This was move number 6 in 6 years. Yes I know, we are nuts! Instead of waiting until our entire house is done to show you a peek inside, I wanted to bring you along the journey. And it starts with our Navy Master Bedroom! The room is still in progress, but it has quickly become one of my favorite spaces and the foundation for the entire house design!

We move so many times because Jeremy has a big dream of developing a portfolio of rental properties. If you are wondering how rental properties have anything to do with our primary residence, I will quickly explain! In short, when it comes to getting financing for real estate, if you are purchasing a home for the purpose of being your primary residence (you live there), you can put less money down upfront than if you are purchasing a property for investment reasons. So we get creative in our savings, pack our bags, purge a lot, and get moving when the next great deal comes along.  

Everyone says I must hate it, but secretly I LOVE it! Because I love to decorate. Designing our homes has become my creative outlet. I love fitting all of the pieces of the design puzzle together to create a beautiful space our family can call home. And the best part? Since we acquire homes for the purpose of turning them into investment properties, I can design each home for what we love best and not for resale value… aka what some random stranger may want in the distant future that will affect his or her purchasing decision.

For this home we are going BOLD! With every new design project I begin with a foundational color for continuity and for our new home it is navy! Along with navy, I am finally unleashing my obsession with all color in our home and bringing in accents of pink, blush, mustard, pool, mint, black, gold and white mixed with tones of wood, greenery and a splash of mercury glass. Basically, a rainbow blew up in here and I am a-okay with that!

With the new color scheme also comes a new home resolution. I figured since it is January and we are making resolutions for our lives, I might as well make one for our new house!

As awful as it sounds, I have never framed and hung family photos on our walls! Yikes! We have so many beautiful photos captured by some of my dear photographer friends, but I never took the time to print them and really enjoy them. Well friend, it is a new year and a new me. My number one goal for this home is to fill these walls with our sweetest memories of the people that bring us joy.

And that is where Framebridge comes in! When I found out about Framebridge, I instantly fell in love with the concept and their gorgeous products. For a busy mama like me, their ordering process is SO EASY! I simply picked my favorite photos and frames, uploaded them and Framebridge did all the math for my custom frames. When they arrived on my doorstep I lost it! Seeing these family photos printed in the most beautiful frames made my heart skip a beat and I just knew they would be the perfect touch for our master bedroom.

Ahh they make me melt! These family photos were captured by Sarahdipity Photos for Esley’s newborn session and they are two of my favorites! The gold frame is Framebridge’s Mandalay Frame and it is so gorgeous in person! The white frame is called the Irvine Slim and I like how it juxtaposes the intricate details of the Mandalay. Such a pretty combo!

And the best part? Framebride is giving you a chance to get your sweet snaps off your computer and onto your walls for 15% off using code meganmartin15!

We still need a light fixture and a few other touches, but I love being in this room! Here’s to grace not perfection, right? 😉

Thank you Framebridge for these beautiful frames! And don’t forget to use code meganmartin15 for 15% off your own custom frames!

*The frames shown here were courtesy of Framebridge. All opinions expressed are our own. We take care to only feature brands we truly love and think you will too!

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