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Emerald Green Accent Wall | Master Bedroom

Megan Martin


In our 3rd home, I thought I had lost it when I decided to go for a navy blue accent wall. But we LOVED it. That big bold pop of color inspired me to go even bolder in home number 4 with our bedroom paint choices. Like an Emerald Green Accent Wall!

When we moved to our 4th house, I knew I didn’t want to change everything (like I’ve done in previous moves!), but rather further explore my love of color in new ways.

Typically, I’m not an accent wall kinda gal, but in a huge room like our masters have been, I just couldn’t jump into fully coated bold walls. I loved how our navy master bedroom turned out with the bright white contrast. I never felt like it was overwhelming, but rather a really beautiful focal point.

But I’d already done navy before.

So naturally it was time to change it up!

When we shared the home on my Insta stories, I let it slip that I was sorta kinda thinking about going EMERALD.

emerald green master bedroom design

SO bold. SO fun.

When I polled for opinions, I got a 50/50 split. 50% thought I was nuts. 50% said, “Heck yes!!”

To me, paint is like hair. Cut it off and hate it? It’ll grow back. Paint the wall and it turns out horrible? Just get some more paint.

I took on the challenge and picked out a delicious shade of emerald called Shamrock by Sherwin Williams. And decided to go a little more tropical in style than before by using a pair of floral patterned curtains I picked up from World Market about 5 years ago.

The result? We LOVE the emerald green accent wall just as much if not more than the navy!

emerald green accent wall in master bedroom
emerald green master bedroom
emerald and floral master bedroom
floral curtains in master bedroom
framebridge custom family photos
magnolia floral decor

What do you think? Would you ever go GREEN? I dare you!

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