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4 Core Steps to Launch your First Digital Product

Megan Martin


When it comes to diversifying your income with a digital offer, things can go quickly from genius idea excitement to an Everest-level mountain to climb. 🗻

From creating a product to figuring out how to launch it. to email marketing, sales sequences, funnels, and more… 

It is enough to make your head spin before you even take the first step.

So that genius idea gets tucked away into your deep brain file of “Someday I’ll Work On That.

Every so often it pops back into the forefront of your mind, but that inbox of client emails hasn’t shrunk.

File it back in there for someday.

This week, I launched a brand new product: The Digital Lab.

If you clicked on over, you might have caught that we are building this from the ground up with our founding members, together.

Digital Lab All Access Membership to help you create, grow, and scale your digital product business - templates, e-books, courses, classes, memberships

We’re on week 6 of shelter at home. The past few weeks have been… weird. Less time to work, more kids running around 24/7, and a lot of cleaning. Zero clue what day of the week it is.

In the fringe minutes I’ve been able to hop on Instagram, I’ve gotten quite a few DMs from friends looking for advice on how to finally get started on the digital offerings they’ve been dreaming about creating.

I’ve spent the last 4 years building digital revenue streams and have been wanting to share more of the BTS of what running a digital business really looks like from product creation, email marketing, funnels, and more, but just hadn’t put my finger on the best way to do it. Until now.

From templates to e-books, classes, and courses, I pivoted from a 100% service-based business in 2016 and built a 6 figure digital download business as a one-woman show.

But I’m not going to act like it was overnight or easy.

4 Core Steps to Launch your First Digital Product - Join the Digital Lab All Access community and grow your digital business togther!

Let me tell you, there are a lot of moving parts that are constantly changing (looking at you technology!).

I remember spending month after month trying to figure it all out.

  • Wondering if it would ever come together?
  • Was it even worth it?
  • Should I be spending time on my service business that was guaranteed money?

Right now, a whole bunch of business owners are in pivot mode.

And I’ve been dreaming of creating a space where I can be an open book. A space to invite you to look over my shoulder as we build, grow, and scale our B2B and B2C digital offers.

A space for a raw, unedited look into our thinking, processes, tools, and techniques. Results (good and bad) included.

How to launch your first digital product

I wanted to create a completely approachable and attainable space to be able to share the real BTS of building and growing a digital business, but I also decided to launch it at ground zero for an important reason:

I want to be in the arena right beside you.

To show you step-by-step how I work to build and grow this brand new digital offer so you can get a real-time look at the decisions I make, the face slaps I encounter, the wins we have, and the strategy behind scaling it.

I could have spent months pre-building the content members are already asking for, but then I’d be 6 steps ahead of the game, while you are still in file that idea away into someday mode

The 4 Core Steps to Launch your First Digital Product

Yesterday inside the membership lesson library, I uploaded an in-depth BTS look at how we went from light-bulb idea a mere 6 days ago and turned it into the digital product I just launched this week.

Digital Lab All Access Lesson Library

In the video, I show exactly why we decided to offer the lifetime pass and grow the membership program right alongside our members and the simplified 4 core things you need to do to launch your first digital product sans Everest to-do list:

  1. Create the product – In the case of The Digital Lab, I created the “hub” where the product will be built up over time. 
  2. Put up a sales page – I used one of my own website templates from another product and quickly filled it in with the important details of my brand new offer. 
  3. Set up the checkout cart – Took me about 5 minutes tops with my course platform, Kajabi.
  4. Put it out there – I wrote one “launch” email the day before I sent it to my list.

The result? Over 75 people jumped in under 24 hours and the community excitement is palpable! (We surpassed the 100 member mark under 2 days!)

Digital Lab Facebook Community Engagement

What don’t you see on that “done” list?

  1. A giant web of tags and segments
  2. 6 months of blogging and creating freebie opt-ins to prime for the buy
  3. 17 pre-mapped and automated sales emails
  4. Instagram graphics (heck I launched it days ago to my list and haven’t even shared it on IG yet 🙈)
  5. A Thank You Page to redirect everyone to
  6. Professionally recorded promo video with a glam team (hello quarantine scrunchie, leggings, and loom video recording)
  7. A perfectly polished product that will never change (every single digital offer I’ve ever launched has evolved based on learning what my customers actually need and want!)
  8. I could keep going…

I’ve been dreaming of creating a space like The Digital Lab for months, but just didn’t know exactly how to make it happen. I filed it in someday and that day came less than a week ago.

4 Steps to Launch your first digital product - sales page, launch email, product creation, checkout cart

Systems vs. Value

Could I have spent months building and optimizing the entire offering before putting it out into the world? Yes. Would that have changed the value? No. Just would have been a fancier system.

Will I build out the fancy sales funnel system? Absolutely. And you’ll get a front-row seat to see exactly how I do it in real-time.

But before you start Pinterest searching what all those terms mean, I want you to hear me out: 

If you have an idea on the back burner still and want to finally see it come to life, the first step isn’t writing a mountain-sized to-do list comprised of 3859 tasks.

That’s a sure-fire way to keep kicking that idea down the road of someday.

What if today could be the day that you take the first small step?

If you’re ready to make imperfect progress alongside over 75 friends who took the first step in the last 24 hours, 

I’m ready to welcome you inside The Digital Lab!

You don’t have to do this alone. We are here to help! And my laptop is open… 

Digital Lab All Access with Megan Martin Creative

If you’ve been dreaming about how to incorporate digital offers in your business or knee-deep in growing what you’ve already started, but just wish you could get some real answers on how all this works and connect with other entrepreneurs who get itwho get you...

I’m excited to introduce you to The Digital Lab!

The Digital Lab is your all-access community for digital biz builders just like you.

You’re invited in my virtual office to get real-time insight to build, grow, and scale your digital offers.

If you’re ready pivot into the digital space for the very first time or growing what you’ve been working hard on already and just wish you could get real answers from someone who’s done in before, I’d love to welcome you inside!

Join us inside the Digital Lab All Access - A community for digital business owners to connect, brainstorm, learn, and get feedback on your digital offers

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