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Crew Martin Precipitous Delivery Birth Story on Megan Martin Creative, newborn boy photography, diy newborn photography

It is hard to believe that just two weeks ago I was sitting at home and having my first contraction for what would be a truly wild ride. 14 days later, I’m here with a newborn sleeping soundly beside me as I sit and wonder over the details of the birth story and how God […]

The Every Mom's Guide to the 30 Minute Hustle! Whip Your Home into Shape, Let go of perfection, & have a laugh!

It’s 4:30pm. You and your kids haven’t left your house all day. Naturally, the place looks like a tornado hit, you haven’t brushed your teeth, you’re still in the same shirt you were wearing yesterday (because sleeping in the same shirt you wore for the day is a total reality!), and your kids are covered […]

Mom of two girls!

I realize there is a time and place for professionalism. To separate family life and work, but things just really aren’t that way for me day in and day out. After six years trying to fit the mold, I am embracing mompreneur. I guess I should back up a little bit and explain. When Jeremy and […]