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what I learned from hosting a black friday sale

I’m gonna be real with you: I was super nervous about our MMC Christmas Sale aka hosting a Black Friday Sale. It wasn’t the numbers or the logistics that had my stomach in knots. It was the literal selling part.   If you’ve been in the MMC Mail Club for a little while, you might remember […]

how to turn your blog posts into video

If you’ve had a pulse in the last 4 months, you’ve probably heard a little buzz around the marketing tip world: video, Video, VIDEO! Everyone on the planet is trying to convince you to. get. on. video. But what if you are Grade A terrified? Girl, I get it. Almost everytime I go live on […]

I have BIG news. Brace yourself. It is shocking. Instagram is not my number one. In fact, Instagram pales in comparison to the one social media platform that continues to drive sales to my business: Pinterest. I’m behind the scenes experimenting with new tools and efforts to really ramp up my Pinterest strategy, but I […]