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The Top 10 Tools I Use to Run my Digital Product Business on Autopilot

Megan Martin


Ever wonder what another digital product creator uses to run their business? Today, I’m sharing the top 10 tools that I use to run my six figure digital product business on autopilot. I use these tools every single day in my business to convert and connect with my customers. 

Before we dive in, I want to be clear: I know everyone will have their own preferences. And that’s okay. I’ve been running an online business for the last five years – and I’ve tested so many different tools and software over those years. Personally, I’ve found that this lineup of tools allows me to run a really intentional online business, while streamlining as much as possible. This allows me to show up every day as the creator and owner of my business.  

#1: Kajabi

The first tool, and the main tool, that I use in my business is Kajabi. If you’ve been a follower for any time, you know that I’m a huge fan of Kajabi! You can read more about why HERE. I support them through and through because they’re just that awesome for small business owners. The main way that I use Kajabi in my business is to house all of my digital products so they can be delivered to customers. From digital templates, downloads, recorded workshops, masterclasses and a membership… Kajabi can house them all. My students are able to easily log in and access everything they’ve purchased. 

I also use Kajabi for my email marketing. Email marketing is the lifeblood of my business. And I’d argue that for probably any digital product creator, email marketing is a fantastic way to be able to consistently connect with your consumers and followers over time. This then allows you to convert more sales when you launch new products 

#2: Thrivecart 

The second tool that I use in my business every single day is Thrivecart. Now Kajabi has the ability to create high converting checkout carts, and my husband uses Kajabi to sell his course with their checkout cart. But since I started creating my business way back in the day, I have other tools in my toolbox that I’ve already invested in… and Thrivecart is one of them. Thrivecart is a cart checkout system that’s built for digital product creators who have sales funnels. It allows you to create more sophisticated sales funnels in your business including bump offers, upsells and downsells. I think it has a bit more functionality than the Kajabi checkout cart. 

#3: Showit 

The third tool that runs my digital product business on autopilot is Showit. I LOVE to have complete freedom when it comes to building my website. And while Kajabi does offer websites and landing page creation, I prefer to work with Showit for mine. In order to customize most website platforms, you need to know some coding… and not a lot of people do. But, with Showit, everything is drop and drag so it’s truly all in your control – and simple, too. All of our Jeremy and Megan website is on Showit, our sales and landing pages are too. We do use an embedded Kajabi opt-in form, but it integrated nicely with Showit’s site. Showit gives me that creative freedom I want for my website, while also allowing me to power my business through email marketing with Kajabi. 

#4: Chatra

The fourth tool I use almost every single day in my business is Chatra. Chatra is an app that you can add to your website that allows potential customers to chat with me right on the site. When I say I use this every day, I really do mean every single day. I love connecting with my customers, not only do I know and sell my own products better than anybody else, but I love being able to get that customer insight right then and there. These conversations help me create better converting copy and better products. And, I’ll tell you: every single time I’ve run a promotion or had a launch, these chats have definitely increased my conversions and sales.  


The fifth tool I love is called and it’s free. This is what I use to create easy countdown timers for my sales pages. I personally always operate my sales timers like this with honesty. There’s no false urgency. It truly means the cart is closing for good. This tool is really powerful to be able to visually convey to my customers that there is a cart close or end to some sort of promotion that’s happening in my business. And it does help increase conversions! 

#6: Canva 

The next tool that I use in my business every single day is Canva. Now if you’re a graphic designer, I know you might freak out at this… but hang in there with me. I used to use Photoshop and Illustrator every single day. From my own experience, these programs just weren’t efficient anymore. I made the leap recently to Canva and haven’t looked back. I can make graphics to share lighting fast – without ever having to look at another program or my desktop. Honestly, I am obsessed with Canva. Now these days, I create all my graphics and downloads in Canva. 

Canva is SO easy – whether or not you’re a graphic designer, you’ll be able to easily use Canva. I even created an entire line of Canva digital product templates based on my signature style after so many people asked if I would. I promise you, ’t’s so easy to use and you’ll fall in love with it too! 

#7: Loom

The 7th tool I use in my business is Loom. I use Loom almost daily! In my business, I send personalized videos for inquiries that come in my inbox, especially inquiries that take quite a bit of explaining. It’s easier for me to record a quick video than it would be to take the time to type out all these directions. I also use loom to send a personalized greetings or personalized videos to my customers. If I want to say thank you to a customer or if a customer of mine has a specific question. It’s unexpected for my students, but so so powerful.

#8: Zoom

I use Zoom for all live Q & A calls for our membership and courses. It’s a great way to connect with my students face-to-face. After the last two years, I know we all know the benefits of Zoom… but I really do love it and use it every day!

#9: Google Drive

I literally use Google Drive every single day. I’ve really worked to organize almost all of my business processes and Google Drive so that we have procedures written out and backups of all of my content. I also use Google Drive to send questionnaires to customers or guests. Seriously, everything we use is in the Drive so we can always access it!

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#10: Trello

The last tool that I use every single day to run my digital business on autopilot is Trello. Now I’m an Enneagram seven… and I am not really into systems and workflows. It’s just not my thing. I’m not the person who loves the color coded systems and workflows. But, I like Trello. I keep things simple and I love that I can easily get ideas out of my head and organized. It’s easy and free – and it absolutely helps you to brain dump and plan better! 

Those are my top 10 tools that I use in my digital business every single day! I hope that you’ll check them out. 

Links included in this post might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. I only share about tools and resources that I personally use and believe in. There is no additional charge to you. Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content each week!

The top 10 tools I use to run my digital product business on autopilot shared by Megan Martin, digital product creator
The top 10 tools I use to run my digital product business on autopilot shared by Megan Martin, digital product creator
The top 10 tools I use to run my digital product business on autopilot shared by Megan Martin, digital product creator

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