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how to use pinterest to grow your email list for free on Megan Martin Creative

For the past 6 weeks, we have been deep diving into blogging and content strategy know how and today we are going to talk about one of my favorite topics: Pinterest (and how to grow your email list for free!). Spending a lot of time and effort on creating quality content isn’t going to be […]

how to update old blog posts in wordpress on Megan Martin Creative

A few weeks ago I took you behind the screen to show you exactly how to format a blog post in WordPress for maximum results. Today, I want to walk you through how to update old blog posts to revive the work you’ve already done, especially if you didn’t have a clue about SEO, Pinterest […]

common seo mistakes creative entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them on Megan Martin Creative, blogger, blogging tips

I’ve been enjoying our blogging series the past few weeks and hope you have been, too! Today, I want to talk to you about a VERY important topic: SEO. Now… DON’T go running for the hills. I promise I’m not gonna make you go down a rabbit trail of SEO jargon. Oh no. Today I […]

my blogging toolkit on Megan Martin Creative, best tools for blogging

Last week I walked you through step by step how I format each and every blog post in WordPress. Whew, that was fun! Today, I want to build on that effort and show you how I really bring my blog posts to life from start to finish with my go-to toolkit for making the blogging […]

how to format a blog post in wordpress on Megan Martin Creative, blogger, blogging, how to optimize your post for seo

Many of the creative friends I chat with online all say the same thing: “I know I need to be blogging more, but trying to use WordPress makes me want to pull my hair out!” Girrrrrl I know it can be frustrating to deal with programs you don’t fully understand, but let’s just kick that […]

I have BIG news. Brace yourself. It is shocking. Instagram is not my number one. In fact, Instagram pales in comparison to the one social media platform that continues to drive sales to my business: Pinterest. I’m behind the scenes experimenting with new tools and efforts to really ramp up my Pinterest strategy, but I […]

how to plan months worth of content to market your business! blog, blogging, email marketing, instagram tips, social media tips, social media schedule, pinterest tips, simplified planner, emily ley

A few weeks ago, I shared part one of my maternity leave planning journey and how getting focused was the first step to preparing for a business break. Today, I’m excited to share with you step two: How I plan months worth of content (and how you can easily, too!).   Related: Read the first […]

grow your brand with unique content, content marketing, blogger, blogging tips, grow your blog

I frequently get asked, “What did you do to grow your brand?” And although I have put many new efforts into my business over the past few years, hands down the one change that continues to bring exponential growth is unique content. The re-brand helped. The image quality really helped. The collaborations were so valuable. […]