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how to access pretty open type font glyphs in Adobe Illustrator on Megan Martin Creative, Freestyle Font, Creative Market, font alternates, brand, branding, brand design, creative entrepreneur, handwritten font, calligraphy font

Let’s talk about fonts. Have you ever snagged a fancy font online that had the prettiest swashes and strokes in the advertisement images, only to realize when you went to use the font you didn’t have all those extra little details to use? Technically, you do. You just have to know how to find them! […]

how to make a clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator on Megan Martin Creative, SC Stockshop, styled stock photography, branding, how to overlay an image onto a screen, tips for bloggers, brand photography

One of my favorite graphics to make for my online marketing efforts combines imagery and screenshots of what I am up to. Over the past couple year, styled stock photography has emerged in the creative industries and it has been HUGE is helping me grow my brand with stunning quality images. My sweet friend, Shay […]

How to save your PDFs for perfect viewing across every device, pdf for apple iphone, brand, branding, brand design, creative entrepreneur, Megan Martin Creative

Let me ask you a question: If you have an iPhone (or iPad), have you ever downloaded and opened a PDF only to be met with an alarming neon assault on your eyes? You think either the person who designed must be stuck in the days of the 80’s, or something is clearly NOT right. I see this […]