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Nailing the Website Page Hook to Lead to the Sale

Megan Martin


Hooray for new series day! Today I’m kicking off our brand new video series: The Website Conversion Lab! Think unscripted/off the cuff deep dives into my custom work and conversion brain to give you practical advice you can implement immediately to tweak (or create!) your website pages to increase sales and conversions. And today we are staring at the beginning… of any and every page of your website that is… The Hook!

In today’s episode of the Website Conversion Lab, I’m breaking down why the hook matters for every web page and how we crafted it for my custom design client Kat Schmoyer’s sale page for her online membership community, Creative 24/7.

Creative 24/7 is a hub of education outsourced straight from the industry’s leading educators on a wide range of topics to bring you relevant content that is practical, tactical, and ready to implement now. You’ll find education from the likes of Nancy Ray, Kat Schmoyer, Davey Jones, Graham Cochrane, Laura Foote, and more plus a community of driven creatives encouraging one another all for just $29 a month.

No brainer!

This video will be around for the long haul, but if you’re interested in the idea of 24/7 and want to know more, doors close for their Fall Enrollment on 11/21. Hop over here to see the full sales page live and join before they wrap up the Fall launch and pour into their community!

You just might see my mug if you join! 😉 Once inside the membership, you get immediate access to my full Content Marketing Workshop as an added bonus for joining! YAY! (Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for 24/7 as an educator, but I wouldn’t share about it in this valuable space if I didn’t believe in it 100%! It is THAT good!)

Alright, back to the hook. And your website.

In this video, we’ll chat about

  1. The big aha promise you need above the fold.
  2. The clear and concise delivery of the who and what of what you’re selling.
  3. What the hook sets your website page up for, and
  4. How to boost the hook’s performance with one of the most powerful universal persuasion triggers.

It is all inside today’s episode and you can catch it right here!

Nailing the Website Page Hook to Lead to The Sale

See the sales page in action HERE (until 11/21!) and join Creative 24/7 today! I’ll see you on the inside!

Nailing the Website Hook to Lead to the Sale - Website Copy and Design Tips for what to put above the fold

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