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I help passionate creatives own what makes them unique and turn what they know, love, do, and already have within them into what they can sell through digital products.

Part Mama. Part Preneur.

When I grew up, I heard the path taught loud and clear: Get good grades, go to college, earn a degree, and get a degree worthy job. The box of life if you will. Most of my friends from grade school fit right in. Me?

Enneagram wasn’t the rage back then, but apparently I didn’t need a personality test result for my 7 to come out strong. Let’s just say I like to do my own thing.

I’m Part stay at home Mama slingin’ snacks for 4 kids and Part Entrepreneur running a 6 figure digital business.

I tried to fit in the box. But I’ve always been a renegade.

I gave it the old college try. Literally I tried college. I sat in class after class, but never felt that “spark” that happens when you’ve found your passion.

what i found instead?

Instead of following suit and fitting in the box set before me, I dropped out of college and built a brand where I could explore my creativity and wild love of color. I'm pretty sure Dad never dreamed I'd be able to provide for my whole family financially with rainbow website templates. 😉

In 2020, I hit publish on a brand new idea: an AFFORDABLE membership for digital business owners. A bridge to the ever increasing gap of education for entrepreneurs wanting to pivot and expand with digital offers, but facing a serious lack of learning and community without a 4-5-6 figure mastermind or coaching price tag.

I remember the feeling. The overwhelm. 

Of trying to figure out this business model and feeling completely LOST on how all the pieces fit together because there just isn’t enough help when trying to hodge-podge advice from this freebie and that blog post and good gravy, investing thousands of dollars right off the bat in a new business adventure is 100% terrifying.

That’s why I created The Digital Lab.

If you would have told me that in just under 5 months of launching we'd be celebrating over 1,000 eager, action-taking business owners inside the membership, I’d have never believed it! I’m honored to lead this community and wake up everyday excited to show up and do this biz building thing together.

happens outside the box.



But it wasn't always
sunshine and rainbows.

I spent so much wasted time in the first few years of my business believing the key to success was more followers. A prettier feed. More engagement. A better logo.

I curated the perfect top 9 and wrote the compelling captions over and over and OVER. But behind closed doors I was running a glorified hobby. Jeremy busted his butt and paid the bills in corporate America and I felt like I was just playing the part of entrepreneur.

I worked all day everyday grasping to make the dream happen only to be let down year after year at tax time when I saw the measly results.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Tony Robins

I was running the rat race of audience growth and vanity metrics and yeah, my follower count went up.

My income didn’t.

So I put my bun up to figure out how to re-build my business from the inside out and took action to:

Create high value digital products that solved real problems for my customers.

Grow my email list with loyal engaged subscribers without all the gimmicks.

Build automated sales systems so I could serve people well AND live my life outside my work.

Cultivate a thriving and collaborative customer community who're taking action, together.

a few things i've done

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the next

in my virtual office

pivoted in 2016 from service to product

After 2 years of blogging about what I was doing on the business side of my wedding planning biz and a couple dozen requests later from eager planners needing something similar, I turned my welcome packet, pricing guide, design look book, and printable client gifts into a suite of time-saving templates. I'll never forget that first passive sale!

generated multi-5 figures in sales and I officially caught the passive bug.

in my virtual office

designed a stock image collab in 2017

With a growing need for more high-quality images to market my business, I linked arms with lifestyle photographer, Laura Foote and Shay Cochrane of the SC Stockshop (now Social Squares) to design and produce the first line of lifestyle styled stock images for brands. Hundreds of business owners now use these images!

sparked a love of community and collaboration in my digital product work!

in my virtual office

launched website templates in 2018

My dear friend said, "I just wish I had your website from your wedding planning days!" I found Showit and the light bulb went off: I can create a line of website templates in my own signature bright and conversion nerdy style. At the time, Showit was photographer focused. I launched in Summer 2018 and everything changed...

over $60k in sales in the first 6 months and over $129k in sales in 2019.

in my virtual office

created my first course in 2019

After speaking on the Creative at Heart stage about making your own rules in business and not letting fear hold you back, I turned the lesson on myself and did the thing I'd feared for years: Create a course. With my biz coach and besties cheering me on, I launched Websites that Convert in the Fall and the results blew me away. 

brought in over $26,000 in sales in our first launch with no ads as a one-woman show.

in my virtual office

opened the digital lab in 2020

The Digital Lab was born over coffee and not-homemade biscuits in one of many biz dreaming chats with Jeremy. The idea sparked and we launched in 6 days. Within 2 days, we grew to 100 members. Within the five months, we grew to over 1,000 members and counting. The community is like nothing I've seen before and I LOVE helping our members take action and make progress on their digital biz dreams, too!

you belong here!

The truth? I haven't walked the 2-comma stage. Sounds like a dream, really, but I’m perfectly happy to show up to my crew of customers and show them how I’ve built a 6-figure digital download shop as a one-woman show while bouncing 4 babies and bringing my hunk home from the corporate life. With less than 20 work hours a week.

I’m no millionaire, but I’m willing to link arms and show you the paint splattered “middle” where most people shy away from.

I'm your real "in the middle" guide

i'm building a digital business just like you.

This isn’t a place for pretty, polished content. 

The internet churns up information too quickly to keep up. This is a raw, unedited look into our thinking, processes, tools, and techniques. Results (good and bad) included. 

my purpose is to help you make your dream life of income and impact your real life.

I'm on a mission to live my dream life NOW instead of just waiting till I'm 80. One rooted in enough and bringing people up with me. It wasn't overnight or easy, but I'm here to encourage you that you can do this. The key is to just 👏 start. Because progress isn’t made in the big picture. Progress is made in taking steps.

Are you ready to build your brand alongside us as we take action? Let me show you how to get started!

as seen in:

Here's how I can help you!

From DIY to DIWY

Turn what you know into what you can sell as a digital product. Go from digital product idea to income FAST with my easy-to-edit designer suite of Canva templates.

(diy) do it yourself

Digital Product Drop™ Designer Canva Templates


One small idea can have an enormous impact. Uncover your irresistible digital offer idea and turn it into a passive income stream that will serve more people than you can imagine. 

(liy) learn it yourself

Revenue Ripple™ Go from idea to digital income in 30 days 


Your all-access community for digital biz builders just like you. You're invited in my virtual office to get real time insight to build, grow, and scale your digital offers.

(diwy) doing it with you!

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what members are saying:


I've been learning from Megan for years and she NEVER disappoints. The Digital Lab was the perfect next step for taking my digital biz to the next level!! I'm so excited to learn all the things from her in real-time!!

Alexandra Beauregard

I've been learning from Megan for years and she NEVER disappoints.

If you've ever wondered where to look for an in-the-trenches business mentor, Megan is your 'keeping it raw and real' guide!  She not only has your back, but is truly genuine as she walks you through the ABC's of digital biz. The Digital Lab is different than any other program, course or membership I've purchased!

Roxanne de Guzman

Megan is your 'keeping it raw and real' guide!

I think that The Digital Lab is an awesome opportunity to watch someone grow their business while teaching us how it is done! We are growing our businesses together! 

Deirdre Haynes, Ed.S, LPCS

We are growing our businesses together! 

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned not all education is the same. The #1 recommendation I have for anyone looking to invest is to look for a program with a great community- You’ll get infinitely more out of it that way- The Digital Lab’s community is one of the best I’m a part of. Not only are the members active, but so is Megan and it doesn’t get better than that!

Amanda Warfield

The Digital Lab’s community is one of the best I’m a part of.

The Digital Lab is a great investment if you want resources, training, and tools for every part of content marketing (and why wouldn't you?!). Megan has proven time and time again that she offers exceptional value in everything she does, and the Digital Lab is no exception.

maggie tyson

A great investment if you want resources, training, and tools

Megan is an open book! You won't want to miss all the secrets and strategies she is sharing with the world - especially those simple things, the ones that convert big. Not to mention the honest push to just get started - exactly what I needed. Would recommend this 200% to everyone eager to add digital offerings to their business! 


I recommend this 200% to everyone eager to add digital offerings

Get on board ASAP! It is nice to be part of a community that is LIKE MINDED and in different phases of their business. This is where real learning takes place!

Cristina Barragan

Get on board ASAP! 

Stop what you are doing and join now! Not only do you get to see the behind the scenes of owning a digital business, but you get actionable tips and strategy and an amazing community. Don't wait, you won't regret it!

Alyssa Brooke Lane

You get to see the behind the scenes of owning a digital business

Joining the Digital Lab is a "no brainer"! Megan is full of resources for running an online business and her teaching style is so wonderful. 

Jodi Neufeld

Joining the Digital Lab is a "no brainer"!

Just like I take the guesswork out of setting up your business for success, The Digital Lab takes the guesswork out of digital marketing from an expert with a proven track record. Plus Megan always over delivers on her promises to her clients and members. 

Andrea Layne

Takes the guesswork out of digital marketing from an expert

This is one investment that you will not regret. Megan is very transparent and open to her processes and covers all different areas of offering digital products from start to finish. Megan and this community have truly been a gift to my business!

Skylar Pritchard

This is one investment that you will not regret