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Get the exact easy-to-edit, easy-to-understand, and attorney drafted and reviewed contract templates I use to protect my website, brand, and digital assets. Protect yourself from the "what ifs" and confidently run your business like the boss you are!

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Contract Templates for Digital Biz

An easy-to-use website terms and conditions contract with a privacy policy included. Did you know it's illegal to take someone's email address for your email list without a privacy policy? Now you know. Get your website legally legit with this GDPR and CCPA compliant template.

Website Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy

protect your website

If you're an educator or industry professional and make an online course for students to purchase and learn from you, this contract is for you! You want to ensure all the hard work you've put into your online course isn't stolen + explain all the fine print!

Online Course Contract

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If you have a business that offers an affiliate program, this contract is for you! It covers everything you'll need to ensure your affiliate program runs smoothly. This template will get your affiliate program legit with those that advertise for your course, online shop, or other products.

Affiliate Contract

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If you're an entrepreneur that needs all the backend business contracts to keep you protected, this contract bundle is for you! Get 8 contract templates and forms to cover your entire online business valued at over $2476 but you can get it bundled together for only $1975!

the entrepreneur bundle

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If you're an online business coach where you either hold 1-on-1 services for each client or have a group program related to building your clients' businesses, this contract template is perfect for you.

Online Coaching Contract for Business Coaches

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If you're going to host an online mastermind, you need to have your participants sign a contract! In this template contract, it will explain your fee structure, policy for no refunds and cancellation, expectations for group calls, and more.

Online Mastermind Contract

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If someone writes you a review or testimonial and you want to publish that on your website or social media, you need them to sign a testimonial release form. This is a simple form that you can copy and paste job into Google forms for them to sign!

Testimonial Release Form

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This template is perfect for speakers who want to ensure they are covered when they speak at conferences, events, workshops, or retreats. This contract was created alongside Jessica Rasdall, who is a speaking coach for creatives and an expert in her field.

Speaker Contract template

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the legal paige offers over 200 contract templates, forms, and bundles to protect creatives.

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