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Bright, Fresh and Colorful Entryway

Megan Martin


Welcome back, friend! Yesterday I kicked off our Family Friendly Bright Home Tour and gave you a peek inside our living room. Today, I am thrilled to welcome to into our sunny little colorful entryway!

When I say sunny, I mean it! Both in terms of color and the actual sun 😉 In our living room tour, I shared all about how I went from dreaming of an all-white home to the explosion of color and pattern that you see now. I’ve painted almost every piece of furniture in our home with chalk paint, including our entryway table!

I L-O-V-E chalk paint. Like addicted love it. It is SO easy to use. No sanding. No priming. No care in the world on how it is applied. I just slap the stuff on! (That non-perfectionist side of me strikes here big time!)

The beauty of vintage pieces to me lies in their imperfections, nooks, and crannies. I don’t know about you, but I love the way a vintage piece looks with a little imperfection. So I don’t stress too much when I go to paint a piece of furniture. Imperfect stokes and textures just fit in my humble opinion, ha! Depending on where in the home a painted piece will live or how it will be used, I will sometimes take the extra step of sealing my chalk painted pieces with Polycrylic. Typically I’ll do so if a piece of furniture will be touched often.

Our little entryway table was the very first piece of furniture Jeremy and I bought together after we got married. It was a TV stand in those early days! As we’ve bounced around from home to home over the past 6 years, it has been a welcome constant. We got it from World Market (they still sell it here!).

Back in our newlywed days, we lived in an 800 square foot rental condo and every piece of furniture we had was a hand me down from our family. 100% of our furniture was brown, but I didn’t mind. I was really into Pottery Barn style at the time and was extremely grateful to have furniture in our home since we virtually had no money!

As my aesthetic has evolved over the years, I have drifted away from the farmhouse look and prefer the look of a brighter modern meets casual design.

And as I began to experiment with colorful details in this home, I decided our brown entryway needed a sunny little makeover. So I headed to Ace Hardware and got a custom mixed quart of Amy Howard Home chalk paint (my fave brand!) in a cheerful mustard shade. Together, Kennedy and I painted the table, and in a matter of a few hours, our entryway was complete! I love the new look!

A bright, fresh and colorful entryway, yellow shelf, fiddle leaf fig, all white walls, brass light fixture, bright and colorful home
colorful entryway, black front door, boxwood wreath, all white walls, yellow table, fiddle leaf fig, colorful home on Megan Martin Creative

Details: The pink lamp was a thrift store find that I spray painted! Easy peasy! We keep Millie’s puppy toys in one basket, a baby carrier in another, and books in the largest. You cGoodsan get similar baskets from Home Goods! The Faceted Glass Pendant light with brass details can be found at World Market here!

Our big white mirror is yet another piece of history in our home! The mirror came from my sister and brother in law. When they purchased their home, this mirror was in one of their bathrooms. It was quite the looker in glossy black and gold, ha! The bathroom it lived in would be for their 2 boys at the time and it just didn’t fit their style.

Their trash was literally my wide-eyed treasure! When I found out they were going to get rid of it I promptly made Jeremy bring it to our house! Poor Jeremy. I am always sending him on wild chases to pick up other people’s junk! But with just a coat of vintage white chalk paint and a little elbow grease to distress the intricately carved details, this mirror went from an eyesore to a beauty queen and will always find a place in our home! #iwilltakeyourjunk 😉

bright and colorful entryway, family friendly home, world market brass light fixture, white walls, home decor design by Megan Martin Creative
colorful entryway, yellow table, pink lamp, vintage entryway mirror, design by Megan Martin Creative
colorful entryway, bright home decor, colorful home, faceted glass pendant, modern entryway, white walls, design by Megan Martin Creative
A colorful entryway for this bright home, boxwood wreath, white walls, faceted glass and brass pendant light, modern home decor, colorful home design on Megan Martin Creative

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Photography by Sarahdipity Photos

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