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A Cheerful Playroom Designed for Actually Playing!

Megan Martin


Have you ever seen a playroom on Pinterest or in your fave design mag that looked oh so gorgeous, but stood out in one peculiar way: It looked so pristine that even one little mess would ruin it all? Like how can kids play in those spaces? If you have kids, you know that messes are par for the course. So I set out to design a kid-messy-playtime friendly room that was high on style, yet intentionally designed with messing it up in mind! Take a look at our Cheerful Playroom!

cheerful playroom designed for actually playing

Brown leather coach? How could it be!?! Some of my favorite interior design books perfectly perched in my office have a habit of scolding the brown leather couch.

I get it. They are big bulky and well, really brown.

But you know what they are really GREAT for? Messy hands.

I love LOVE love my white slip covered couch from Ikea in the living room. I can wash them when they get gross. And covers are cheap enough to renew them if I need to every few years.

But I have to be on my kids like a hawk in the living room to keep them fresh and neat as long as I can.

The LAST thing I want to do while the kids are happily playing in the playroom is get on to them about their messes. I want them to actually PLAY in there. So I can get something something, anything done around the house.

My sister in law graciously gave us this hand me down nail head brown leather couch and knew it would be perfect for our playroom. So I set out to design around it. The result is a cheerful playroom that feels cozy and colorful and personal!

colorful playroom details
cheerful playroom art wall

My favorite part of their playroom is the art gallery wall above the couch! I didn’t pre plan this layout. I literally just started nailing and eye balled it (not recommended haha!). I ended up a smidge off center with my type b ways and needed one small element on the left to finish it off. Kennedy is our family artist and she had just recently painted the sweetest little portrait of our family on a spare canvas. When I spotted it in the kitchen after letting it dry, I crossed my fingers and hoped it would balance out the wall and to my delight it did! It is the sweetest personal touch!

I love art gallery walls that have some texture and that feel a little imperfect. The Llama head and random bucket with a pop of a pink peony finished out the look in a fun and textured way that I dig!

playroom gallery wall
playroom white drawing table

I can hear you saying, “Wait, a white table!?!” Messes ensue here. But this thing wipes down so nicely! I splurged on this table from Pottery Barn Kids. I have a few friends who have it and they all said it cleans up so well. With the extra tough marks, a magic eraser does the trick and it can look brand new. (When I decide to clean it!)

I didn’t want a flimsy table in there and many kid tables look like they will snap in a heart beat. With babies running around this house, they are bound to climb on it when I’m not looking, so something sturdy was a must!

Cheers to playrooms that are sweetly made for playing!

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