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A common mistake business owners make when they first start out and in the building phase is trying to be all things to all people. It makes perfect sense. When you are trying to ramp up your business and make the entrepreneur dream happen, it is only natural to try to do whatever you can […]

Sales Funnel Puzzle Workbook

Sales funnels don’t come in a one size fits all template. The exact pieces of your sales funnel puzzle will be determined by your unique offerings, pricing, and preferences in selling. Love live video? You might want to consider a webinar or social challenge-based funnel. Prefer pre-recorded? You could try a video series based funnel. […]

Website copy isn’t the same as other types of writing. It isn’t meant to simply entertain or inform. Website copy is all about conversion. A quick Google search brings up the definition of conversion: con·ver·sion /kənˈvərZHən/ noun The process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another. Website copy is meant […]

I’m so excited to introduce you to my industry pal and copywriting genius: Jessica Jordana! I reached out to Jessica to have her share her insight on DIY website copy to help you better connect with your ideal customer and convert. I started following Jess early on in her biz. Something just drew me to […]

Lifestyle styled stock from the SC Stockshop

If you can’t tell yet, I’m quite a creative visual gal. Creating beautiful things is my happy place. Art class? Mini Megan was all over that. Science? Well… you can imagine eyes completely glazed over as Ms. Stumph tried to teach me the laws of chemistry. Not much from that class has stuck around the […]

Are you a multi-passionate creative? Do you offer more than just one service or product? Cool. Me too! *Only have one offering? You’re not missing out, promise! The Rule of One still applies to you. You’re already on a good track, but I bet there just might be some refining you can do to deepen […]

How to nail your website page hook and lead to the sale above the fold

Hooray for new series day! Today I’m kicking off our brand new video series: The Website Conversion Lab! Think unscripted/off the cuff deep dives into my custom work and conversion brain to give you practical advice you can implement immediately to tweak (or create!) your website pages to increase sales and conversions. And today we […]

Colorful Chinoiserie Christmas decorating ideas

Merry Christmas time!!! I’ve been patiently waiting since July to decorate for Christmas. No joke. 2020 needs a major dose of twinkle lights and it seemed like a great time in the middle of July to get a head start. 😂 I didn’t act on my impulses and I’m so glad I didn’t because when […]

A Gated Resource Page Design

Thinking about adding a Resources Page to your website? You’re in the right spot! Before you go whipping up tons of freebies and gathering links, let’s talk about the first decision you need to make: What kind of Resources Page is right for you! In this post, we’re going to break down the 2 types […]