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Megan Martin in her office at home

In 2019, I spoke at Round 9 of Creative at Heart Conference. Thankfully my keynote session was on Day 1 so I only had to endure the CRAZY stage nerves for a few hours and then I had the pleasure of listening in to the many educators that graced the stage, breakout sessions, and panel […]

Love Everybody Tee by Megan Martin Creative

I’m just gonna cut straight to the case: running a small business is NO JOKE, especially if you are still going at it as a solo entrepreneur (or even if you have. VA to help with a few tasks here and there). You wear all the hats. CEO, product creator, marketer, copywriter, planner, strategist, social […]

The simple key to creating passive profit is to just start

When I asked members of The Digital Lab what their biggest hang-ups have been in getting started creating passive profit, the most common ones shared were things like: Knowing exactly what to create first… I don’t have an email list… what should I do? Just feeling overwhelmed about everything that goes into it. I get it. I’ve been […]

How to Grow your Digital Product Business if you are starting with no audience

When asking Digital Lab members what their BIGGEST hang up was in getting started with creating and selling digital products, the majority raised their hand to say they didn’t know WHAT to do if they were starting from scratch. No audience. No list (or just a tiny list!). Like how do you grow a digital […]

How to choose the perfect digital product to create and sell to earn passive profit in your business

Looking to create passive income in your business? Welcome to the world of digital products! If you’re wondering just what is a digital product… let’s break it down! What is a digital product? A digital product is anything you can create and sell on the internet-webs that doesn’t include 1:1 project time (service-based), *inventory + […]

In January of 2019, Jeremy officially left corporate America and has been working with me from home ever since. Since then, my Insta DM’s have been filled with questions about how we make our schedule work with kids, and life, and all the business things that need to get done. I figured it would be […]

5 Takeaways from TikTok you can apply to your biz + marketing (no dancing required)

Oh TikTok. You’re so controversial. I’m not about to act like I’m a TikTok expert… I’m def not. I have a username and that is about it. But I’m a TikTok “consumer.” Or was… who knows if TikTok will go away. That’s not what I wanna chat about…. I can’t teach you how to rise […]

how to easily edit as seen in logos to be on brand on your website

If you’ve ever tried to collect logos from your fancy featured press or the clients who have trusted you for some social proof on your website, you may have run into a littttttle issue: How do you put them on your website while staying on-brand? One way? Just save those JPEG logos as is and […]

Digital Lab All Access with Megan Martin Creative

When it comes to diversifying your income with a digital offer, things can go quickly from genius idea excitement to an Everest-level mountain to climb. 🗻 From creating a product to figuring out how to launch it. to email marketing, sales sequences, funnels, and more…  It is enough to make your head spin before you […]